A new year means a new bike, and this year could well be the best bike/wheel/groupset combo I have ever had the fortune of racing! I mean, in the cycling world, Pinarello seems to be as high-end as high-end gets, let’s face it!
Each year I like to give everyone a look at what I’m getting around on for the season, and it also gives a chance to plug all the great sponsors that make racing a possibility!

Road frame for the year is the Pinarello Dogma 2, in fancy white with red. Awesome looking, and while white is hard to keep clean, with my OCO (Obsessive Compulsive Order) it gets washed twice a week, and always looks fantastic!
Time trial frame is the amazing Pinarello Graal.
Groupset is SRAM Red, and my favourite of the three big ones. It is the most functional, and simple to use groupset, in my opinion. I love the fact you only use one lever to shift up, and down. On top of that, SRAM employees are just great to deal with.
Wheels are Reynolds. Awesome is all I can say. So many options, and great options! Reynolds specialise in wheels, they are the best at it.
Look pedals. Pioneers of the clipless pedal dating back to the mid-eighties with the best, Bernard Hinault!
3T bars and stems. Traditionally, there were only two brands of stems pros would ride. 3T remains at the top of the game they have lead since the forties and fifties.

Here’s a list of our other great products for 2012: Vittoria tyres, Arundel cages and bar tape, DMT shoes, Selle San Marco, Catlike Helmets, Smith Sunnies, Giordana Clothing, CycleOps Power Meters, Clean Bottle, Honey Stinger, 2XU, and PowerBar.

I’d say a couple of words about each product, but it’s going to be the same thing for each product; awesome, the best, couldn’t want anything else. That’s the way we roll at Competitive Cyclist Racing Team, the same as our title sponsor CompetitiveCyclist.com, nothing but the best of the industry. That makes this the coolest team to race for. We race on the best gear available, a dream come true for a cycling geek like me. What makes things even better, is that every little thing we race on is available to our great fans at the links included with each product!

Fact: 1.67% is the percentage of Americans who commute by bicycle.

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