It’s been a long time, and there’s plenty to catch up on!

For the 2012 season I am racing for Bissell Pro Cycling Team! This is huge for me, and I am so excited for the season. I raced with the original version of this team in 2006 (Priority Health), my first year pro, and it is a great feeling to be returning, some seven years later. It’s great to know that I have a history here. I know the great management and staff, there are great sponsors who I know well, and definitely a great group of guys to race alongside. I really couldn’t be more excited. That, of course, would be better if I didn’t come back to Australia to train, and break my collar bone!
It helps having a radiographer for a mother, so I was able to check the healing was on the right track.

The only positive thing about breaking my clavicle is I can now claim to be a cyclist. Almost every professional cyclist has broken theirs at some point. I can only hope this is my one and only! It was only that morning while I was reading the paper, eating breakfast, and drinking coffee, that I was thinking to myself how perfect this pre-season was going. It’s the first uninterrupted pre-season I could think, where I wouldn’t miss any training days from extreme heat, torrential downpour, or some unexpected issue. Maybe I should have knocked on the breakfast table!

It was a quick goodbye to my proposed training camp up at Falls Creek, painful goodbye to my twenties, and shitty way to spend the rest of my trip back home to Melbourne. I am back on the ergo now, but it isn’t too exciting knowing the world’s best training is right outside, and the weather is perfect while I sit inside banged up and miserable! I love to do each of my favourite rides in the week before I take off each year, and this year there won’t be the opportunity for that; Pakenham-Gembrook, Sorrento, Hell Ride over the hills, Arthur’s Seat, Beach Road. They’re all going to be missed, but at least I can be more excited to return later in the year.
These two guys were my biggest fans on the Pakenham-Gembrook loop.
Melbourne’s Beach Road. Amazing.

Next week I will return to The US, to my wife, and to the snowy mountains of Park City, Utah. There’s even more to look forward to than that. I will be on a nice new Pinarello Dogma Think2, complete with Campagnolo Super Record. I am a total bike geek, and as a professional cyclist pursuing my dream, with an undeniable passion for the sport and everything bicycles, to ride the finest the industry has to offer is a real treat! It’s one thing to ride bicycles for a living, and that alone is the best thing I could ever imagine. Now I am having a second year in a row on Pinarello too, regarded by many as the nicest bike in the business. Anyway, enough of that, I don’t want to rub it in. All bikes are awesome!
My new team, Bissell, already giving me a helping hand on my favourite climb in Salt Lake City!

Hopefully this post will be a kick start to many more. I have said that enough times, but there is definitely another on the way later in the week, because Mum has been hassling me! So if I can just give some advice to young riders; don’t break your collar bone. It really hurts. If you haven’t broken it, don’t. if you have, I know how much it hurts, and have empathy for you!

Smash it out there, and have fun. Tommy

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